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ContractIQ has been nothing short of transformative for us. The platform's efficiency and precision in drafting contracts allow our consultants to maintain consistency while addressing each client's unique requirements. We're not just saving time; we're delivering a more professional and reliable service to our clients.

Scott Syme
CEO of NexaConsult

10X your contracts

Efortless Contract Creation

From selection to export, craft precise contracts in three simple steps.


Choose Your Contract Type

Begin by selecting the ideal contract template that fits your needs. Whether it`s a service agreement, NDA, or lease, we`ve got you covered.


Add Relevant Information

Easily input critical details like parties involved, specific clauses, terms, and more. Our platform guides you through, ensuring every element is addressed.


Edit & Export

Once generated, review and make any necessary tweaks. When perfected, export your contract and you`re ready to proceed.

You've never seen legal AI like this before.

Understands the World
ContractIQ doesn`t just understand contracts. It has been trained on Wikipedia, books and the Internet, so that it can reference facts about the world.
Dynamic Template Selection
Tailored contract templates adapt to your industry, ensuring relevancy and precision.
Real-time Editing Suite
Effortlessly modify contracts with intuitive tools, ensuring every document aligns with your needs.
Seamless Export Options
From PDFs to Word docs, choose from a range of export formats compatible with any platform.


Affordable pricing

We're commited to providing free value to our customers with ContractIQ's Standard plan. However, if you want to be a ContractIQ Pro and generated unlimited contracts, choose the Pro plan.

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